Lilith Kinusaga
Age: ? (Presumed to be hundreds)
Height 6'1
Role Antagoinst
Gender Female

Lilith Kinusaga serves as one of the few main antagoinsts throughout the story. She is a middle-aged woman, who posses some natural powers, mainly dabbling in magic. Prior to Kingdom of FanGathering, it is revealed that she was married to Simon Kinusaga, and supported his views of having democracy within a Republic. Her main motivation in the novel is to bring down any sign of monarchy in the series.

Apperance and Personality


Spoilers are ahead, WARNING

Before the events of Kingdom of FanGathering

It is revealed that Lilith had once supported also the Kingdom itself - being the only decorated heroine, who had smoothed out relations with early Cantara Musica and Konoha itself, stopped many attacks, and settled many rebels around the Kingdom. She had served under Michael Martin, who was the first King of FanGathering. She had also mentored notably Mira Star, Slivera Star, TungstenMessiah, and Immortal as children, before the death of Simon Kinusaga.

Kingdom of FanGathering