Silvera Star is a major character, who appears in The Kingdom of Fangathering, The Republic of Fangathering, and The Last Heiress of Fangathering. Silvera, or Silver, for short, is a princess of FanGathering, daughter of Queen Byddie-Ann, and King Peppy. She is the identical twin of Mira Star, and sisters with Amy Star, and Fowl Star. In The Kingdom of Fangathering, and The Republic of Fangathering, Silvera excells in the magical arts.

Appearance and Personality

Silvera has shoulder-length brown hair, deep green eyes, and pale skin. Around the castle, she is known for being shy, and uncertain of herself. She usually chooses magic over weapons, and wears flowing robes.


Spoilers ahead!

Silvera has a large role in The Chronicles of Fangathering, until close to the end of the Republic of Fangathering, where WE kills her by burning her alive. Throughout the course of the next book, two attempts are made to bring her back to life, the first, being a failure, and the second, a success, making her a working character again in The Last Heiress of Fangathering.

Slivera's role in the story is fairly bumpy, although in the Konoha Military Ball held at Fort Saint Rin's, she is seen going out with Spock, from Star Trek.

Slivera is well known for being close to her twin, Mira Star.