TungstenMessiah is a minor character that only appears in Kingdom of FanGathering, who plays a reliatvely small role in the story. TM, for short, hails from Lore, a land far away from FanGathering. Unfortunately, he is killed at the near end of the story, by Lilith Kinusaga.

Appearance and Personality

TungstenMessiah has short black hair, and is often seen with his bio-tungsten wings, that are attached to his iron plate body. Evovled Vodermix is his main weapon of choice. TM is known for being proud, and has a larg ego.


Spoilers Ahead!

TM plays a short, and brief role throughout the story. Not much of his past is known, although he mentions he is allied with the Brotherhood of Makuta, the DeathThorn, and Barraki. He is one of the few warriors that serve the then King Peppy and Queen Byddie-Ann, along with Immortal. TM meets his demise when Lilith Kinusaga kills him, slicing his head off in the process.